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  • Tech is the most important two-day festival of digital commerce and the technology driving it.

    It is the only event where retailers, tech suppliers, FMCGs, start-ups, investors and analysts join forces to work out how they will not only survive the digital revolution, but nail it. At Tech. we put the most disruptive thinkers under the spotlight - from the companies that are revolutionising their industries, to the tech firms creating the most innovative products.

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2-3 October  Printworks, London


The digital revolution has seen the most challenging time in the history of global commerce destroying traditional business models as we know them.

As consumers’ appetite to adopt new innovations at an extraordinary rate of change continues, retailers are struggling to keep up. Only those brave and agile enough to adapt will survive. Those that don’t are not likely to trade past 2020. 





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Tech. Cast

Are legacy retailers dead? Live from Money 2020 in Amsterdam, Chris Brook-Carter, SVP, RWRC chats to Will Shuckburgh about the retail landscape today.

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The biggest names in the business. Geniuses of commerce technology from the companies leading the way.

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Featured Speaker

Marcela Sapone - CEO - Hello Alfred

Marcela is CEO of Hello Alfred, a personal concierge service app, provides its time-poor customers with personalised in-home assistants to take care of recurring chores. By connecting the online and offline worlds, Hello Alfred is earning the trust to operate a service ecosystem inside people’s homes and has created a new category at the inter-section of hospitality, real-estate and commerce. It is the only service trusted to deliver goods and services past the front door and at scale. This unique insight into client’s homes is giving Hello Alfred a wealth of data on consumers.

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Marcela Sapone

Key Themes



Being able to democratise and weaponise your data is a necessary foundation for any successful business and done properly, will be a game-changer. Businesses armed with the right data skills and understanding will win because they will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to make smart decisions and provide better customer experiences.


The Customer

The Customer

Ownership of the traditional consumer-retailer relationship has fundamentally shifted. The retailers that will succeed will be those who are able to deeply understand their customer, exceed their expectations, adapt quickly to change, and become truly customer-centric by placing their customer at the heart of everything they do.


Brick & Mortar

Brick & Mortar

The role of the physical store is changing and the retailers that do not evolve with the times will lose. The companies that are winning are those who are transforming their stores into experiential spaces where technologies are used to remove friction from in-store processes and collect on valuable customer insights.


AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

The promises and potential of AI & machine learning are huge but few are nailing it. What can be learned from those who are getting it right and using it to solve big business problems? What can be learned from failed applications?


Whats on: Discovery



Retailers need speed, agility and early innovation to disrupt before their competitors do. This is where the start-up zone at Tech. comes into play. Discovery at Tech. provides retailers with a platform to find that next innovation, while giving 100 tech start-ups the opportunity to flaunt their wares to a room full of influential decision-makers in retail technology. The perfect opportunity for start-up's who have the technology that is going to change the face of retail to show it off!

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