The Digital Transformation Report: A World In Motion

What do retail leaders in France, Germany, Russia, the UK and the US have in common? They all think successful digital transformation requires a whole new leadership mindset within their organisations.

Where do these senior industry representatives’ digital transformation opinions differ? Well, the answer to that is in many ways – not least the type of technology they think will ramp their businesses up a notch.

As the digital revolution takes hold in retail and significant operational transformation becomes ever more critical, sector leaders in the US are prioritising payments capabilities. In France it’s artificial intelligence, but in the UK and Germany its greater efficiency through digital.

What do new business models look like in retail, where will retailers recruit from to ensure they have the talent to successfully deliver their digital transformation strategies, and how are supplier-merchant partnerships changing as a result?

All this and more can be accessed in the latest report from Retail Week Tech., which highlights why digital transformation is a common language for retailers operating across the globe.

Download it today to find out how retailers in different countries are positioning their businesses for success in the tech led, digitally infused, fast changing age of commerce.

The report is available in English and Chinese.

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A World In Motion: Digital Transformation Report










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