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  • The key trends in digital collaboration today

    30 Sep 2019 Sophia Matveeva
    Guest thought piece by Sophia Matveeva. Digital collaboration both within a company and with external partners offers great opportunities for brands and retailers. With the right tools and partners, y ...
  • Jon Buss, Managing Director UK & Northern Europe at Yext gave us his thoughts on the importance of developing talent.
  • We sat with Oliver Banks from The Retail Transformation Show to discuss all things Tech. 
  • As women are responsible for 80% of purchases, how do you build online environments where women love to stay and spend? Read this opinion piece by Sophia Matveeva, Founder and CEO of Enty.
  • We gave Karen a call to discuss all things Tech. and the future of digital & retail.
  • We sat down with AO.com CEO and Founder, John Roberts to discuss the importance of tech talent, from new recruits to educating those in higher positions.
  • Flagship events like Tech. are great platforms, but to make the most of these events companies need to integrate their PR, content and business development activities.

  • We sat down with John Lewis Partnership's Strategy Director, Ed Connolly.
  • Thought leadership from Ed Connolly, Strategy Director and Director of JLP Ventures, John Lewis Partnership.
  • We sat with CEO of Bloom & Wild to discuss workplace culture, the key to successful partnerships in fulfilling mutual goals, and why Tech. in October is such a landmark event.
  • Technology. The ultimate oxymoron. It destructs but also builds. It smashes down barriers, but it also enables the construction of ecosystems.
  • Amazon’s annual Prime Day promotional extravaganza, which took place this week, will no doubt result in plenty of superlative-laden headlines – it usually does.
  • We sat down with Facebook's Beth Horn - Industry Head, Retail & Restaurants.
  • Retail is always a game of balance – am I looking after my customers today? And am I looking after my customers of tomorrow?
  • Watch the Tech. Cast with Paul Clarke, CTO, Ocado as we discuss retail and digital transformation, retail partnerships, tech talent and the importance of establishing culture.

  • Advisory board member James Sturrock, CEO, EVE has spoken to us about "5 rules of leadership I wish someone had told me before I got started…"
  • With content that spans marketing, supply chain, data, the customer, AI & machine learning, partnerships, and the war for tech talent, hear from the businesses winning the digital race. 

  • Doing business as digital. Watch our latest Tech. Cast with Swave Szymczyk, Global Director Digital & Retail Marketing, Adidas as we discuss the focus on digital moving forward.
  • Don’t be a victim of disruption

    18 Jun 2019 Ian McGarrigle
    To be called a “legacy retailer” in today’s retail world now seems to be code for a format or business that is trading on borrowed time. Whilst there used to be justifiable pride in the fact that a re ...
  • Join us for this episode of Tech Cast, as we chat to Advisory Board members Julian Burnett and James Sturrock about some of the exciting myth-busting sessions they are excited to see on the programme

  • Live from Money 2020 in Amsterdam, Chris Brook-Carter, SVP, RWRC chats to Will Shuckburgh about the retail landscape today. Are legacy retailers dead?


  • There’s no denying the immense uncertainty facing our industry. Recently, I heard Walmart International boss Judith McKenna say that the, “Fundamental shape and dynamics of the market,” have changed o ...
  • Retail Week Event Director Poppie Mickleburgh speaks to Jen Creevy, Content Director from Retail Week about key learnings and hot topics discussed at World Retail Congress in Amsterdam.
  • What is the definition of retail?

    21 May 2019 Poppie Mickleburgh
    When you look up the definition of retail it states: ‘The sale of goods to the public for use or consumption rather than resale’. At Tech., we've talked a lot about the ‘future of retail’ and the ‘new ...
  • Brits might often faux mock German friends for the national stereotype of efficiency and order, but when it comes to digital transformation it turns out UK and German retail leaders are more similar t ...
  • Tech. Cast: Customer Ecosystems

    13 May 2019 Rebecca Morrison
    Tech Cast: a series dedicated to discussing all things around digital commerce in the lead up to the Tech-festival in October. Interview with Chris Brook-Carter, SVP, World Retail Congress and Retail ...
  • 1) There’s a consensus that machine learning & AI are often over-promised and under-delivered. And you want to share times when it has indeed worked and truly solved business problems - but also when ...


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