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Retailers tell us that the pace of change means they’re constantly struggling to work out what good looks like, and which agencies they should be working with. Yet they don’t have the time (or the inclination!) for all those 1-hour agency intro meetings…

Retail Week is pleased to introduce a very special new event happening at Tech. 2018 for senior retailers responsible for marketing, online, sales and digital performance.

Connexion is a 2-hour session in which you will meet and question 8 different agencies, one after the other, in a series of short 15-minute meetings held in private. (A little bit like ‘speed dating’ for businesses.)

As the name suggests, the agencies have been selected for their deep retail sector expertise, and the quality and effectiveness of their work. You will be one of 8 senior retailers invited by Retail Week.

Connexion is simply the most efficient way to get up to speed with the cream of the retail agency world - and get a feel for what they might be like to work with as people. It is an intensive burst of the content and the ‘chemistry’ you need to make good agency choices.

You will also attend an informal, networking buffet lunch to compare notes with 16 senior retailers. You can also chat with 16 retail agencies (8 of which you will have already met). During lunch, we will also be sharing some unique, valuable content.

This event is essential for time-poor, results-driven retailers.



  • 2 hours, 8 agencies, 15 minutes per private meeting
  • Networking lunch with 16 senior retailers responsible for marketing, online, sales and digital performance. 
  • The chance to meet a further 8 agencies informally over lunch
  • Discover what’s working for your competitors
  • Most efficient way to meet and question the agencies at the forefront of retail
  • Make better agency choices

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