BOON Spotlight


BOON Spotlight helps increase sale conversion using their revolutionary gift finder. By combining psychology research and bespoke artificial intelligence algorithms, BOON Spotlight's technology builds complex profiles of each user and gift recipient, understanding personality, likes, dislikes and relationships. Those profiles are automatically analysed and used to search through a catalogue of gifts to select a shortlist of the best options.

It's easy for a website visitor to be overwhelmed with product choice, but with BOON Spotlight, they can find the most relevant gift ideas from a catalogue of millions just by answering a few questions.

The difficulty of gift-giving is a unique problem faced by over 90% of customers. While it is easy to help a returning customer find a great product based on their previous purchases, it is considerably more complex to find great gift ideas for a gift recipient without any previous data.

BOON Spotlight's groundbreaking recommendation engine does not require any previous information about the gift recipient or user. The questions in their gift finder have been designed with psychology research backing to be able to understand the user and their recipient as quickly and deeply as possible to find the most compelling gift ideas.

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