Founded in 2016, C2RO is a Montreal-based AI software company that has recently launched a ground-breaking machine vision platform named C2RO Perceive, which leverages patent-pending technology to provide large scale mall and retail operators with state of the art journey analysis and associated demographic classification.
This fully automated machine learning platform provides businesses with concrete links between demographically influenced behavior and contextual factors affecting customer decisions. Finally a tool that enables measurement of conversion rates & attribution through A/B testing, leading to a deeper understanding of what influences customer decisions at each step of the conversion funnel.
We believe in providing businesses with in-depth, accurate and actionable insights while still providing absolute data privacy protection to consumers, and that belief guides everything we do and create at C2RO. Having developed the platform from the ground up to comply with the world’s most stringent data privacy protection laws, enables us to guarantee by design that no personal information, nor biometric data, is kept at any time within the system. 

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