At Duel, we specialise in Brand Advocacy - the art of fueling growth by amplifying the positive experiences brands create for their fans, customers and collaborators. 

Through conducting research, consultancy services and thought leadership pieces - we built the ultimate SaaS platform for running Advocacy Programs. The product is an Advocate Relationship Management platform with a gamified customer/advocate portal where members earn points and rewards for completing tasks like referring friends, sharing data, social posting and creating user-generated content. With it, our Brand Partners (our clients) can build and manage bespoke Advocacy Programs to further engage with their community and harness the power of Advocacy. 

In 2018, they worked with over 30 brands on their Brand Advocacy Marketing strategies and conducted research with many more. These companies include Marks & Spencers, Philips, American Express, RAC, Travelex, Boots, Red Paddleboards and many more. They have been featured in Forbes and Inc Magazine.

Based in London and Bristol, the business is backed by Venture Capital and growing rapidly.

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