envoPAP is a sustainable materials solutions company utilizing green technology to provide agricultural waste with a second life. Our materials are made from the waste of sugarcane fibers after harvest and extraction of cane juice. Use of our materials has helped save 760,000+ trees and uses waste resources to generate finished further large scale products. Currently, envoPAP is present in 40+ markets in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our mission is to create end-to-end sustainable solutions that save the environment—embracing sustainability as a core business activity—and developing environmentally friendly products from agro-residue by innovating waste usage. We embrace sustainability as a core business vertical, paving the ways in order to secure a safe & healthy work environment in true spirits from developing environment-friendly products like paper from agri-residue, managing non-utilised resources, and moving towards green manufacturing for a cleaner environment. As a result, we support eight of the United Nations SDGs, which include Life on Land, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, and Responsible Production and Consumption, to name a few.

We are a collaboration of many hearts reaching out to protect and preserve the environment. Each team member holds a paramount responsibility towards sustainable development, where conservation of resources is necessary for a better world.

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