Hastee Pay


Earnings. On Demand.
Hastee Pay is an award-winning employee benefit that enables your workers to receive a portion of their earned pay immediately, increasing their choice and financial wellbeing.
As the workplace evolves, attracting and retaining talent becomes even more of a challenge. As such, we’re starting to see a much greater (and much needed) ¬focus on employee wellbeing. But personal finance issues are often overlooked - which is why we’re keen to address it head-on, with financial self-management.
Financial wellbeing is at the core of what we do. Our ultimate goal is to give employees flexible budgeting options that can keep up with a modern lifestyle and life’s unexpected expenses. But rather than turning to expensive loan alternatives, Hastee provides a smart and efficient way for employees to manage their finances – using money they’ve already earned, not borrowed. The crucial difference.

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