Intelistyle provides A.I. styling services to fashion retailers, helping them increase sales, while addressing the needs of 1 in 2 people that are looking for styling advice, online or in store. They do that by creating omnichannel visual merchandising and outfit recommendations that are tailored to different occasions, body type, colours and personal style. 

This allows retailers to scale their human styling services, and create personal online or in store experiences at a fraction of the cost. 

What sets them apart is the quality of the styling which uniquely positions them as the only solution that can work with the world’s top luxury brands and retailers such as D&G and Lane Crawford. In fact they were featured in Forbes after outperforming human stylists. Their personalised solutions deliver 130% more revenue than the market leader, 10% sales uplift and 42% increase in basket size. No human intervention is necessary, making recommendations cost effective and allowing deployment at scale.

They cover the entire customer funnel, from acquisition to conversion and retention. 

The Intelistyle Fashion Profile allows users to discover new styling trends that match their unique personality and needs. 

Online retailers can use it to engage with users on Whatsapp through our styling bot, to instantly provide a personalised homepage, search results or targeted landing pages and CRM emails. It allows them to increase conversion, basket size and retention as well as LTV, squeezing more value out of their marketing spend. 

Intelistyle is revolutionising offline shopping through smart mirror and clienteling solutions. They grow store sales by turning every sales assistant into an expert stylist, allowing them to provide customers with styling advice on the shop floor. Customers can receive styling recommendations in the fitting room for what they’re wearing or trying on, through a smart mirror.

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