Pro Alliance


Pro Alliance was founded by Biren Van Herck, Steven Schroeyens and Erik Verdeyen, three guys with one shared passion for logistics and many years of firsthand experience with the frustrating limits of siloed supply chains. In 2015, they decided to stop complaining and start solving: they got their kick-start through a start-up competition and have not stopped solving since.

Pro Alliance was built on the idea that modern supply chains need a more agile collaboration tool in order for everyone to work together as effectively and efficiently as possible. Biren, Steven and Erik took that idea and moulded it into a Platform that connects you to the right people and the right information at the right time. It’s the communication layer they felt was missing, enabling people to make better and faster decisions based on real-time, automated data. 

Now, the Pro Alliance Platform has grown from a communication and data-sharing tool into a one-stop shop for inbound. It includes a variety of ready-to-use plugins: the Streamliner plugin gives you real-time visibility on your incoming shipments and the ability to handle issues via instant messaging, the Scorecards plugin allows you to measure supplier performance such as OTIF and share it in real-time through dashboards with all stakeholders in the chain, and the Inventory plugin enables you to share inventory, sales and forecast data with all your suppliers so they can give feedback and use it for planning.

Biren, Steven and Erik are proud to have built something that turns your inbound from a cost to a value driver while also helping reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain, something all three founders care deeply about. Find out more at

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