Music sounds better with Startle. We’re a talented tech company providing background music that puts retail brands in sync with their customers. Music and technology are at our core and shape all that we do, which goes way beyond playing great music. We call it music+.

For forward-thinking retailers, we’re the perfect partner to collaborate with. We provide bespoke, innovative engagement technology that integrates easy like Sunday morning and helps brands stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s dynamic digital signage that correlates with the music, a smartphone bot letting consumers choose the tracks, or automated lighting that changes depending on what’s playing, the bespoke experiences we create take background music to a new level.

While our competition largely relies on the same old tech they’ve used for years, Startle’s smart approach allows us to enhance our services over time. Software has limitations, and user control has restrictions, so we’ve replaced it all with cloud-based intelligence and a simple but ever-evolving interface. And to make sure our customers’ music is always in tune, we have the best tech crew in the business, providing unparalleled 24/7 Relentless Support™, which we report on live, on our website.

Our approach is simple, but our tech is smart. We aim to give retailers an experience that surpasses their expectations of music, where all of their tech works together in harmony. This approach has seen us go from 0 to 10,000 installed locations in just 4 years. We’re now expanding Startle’s reach and showing more retail brands how their music can go way beyond what’s played in the background.

So come together, right now, over at pod 167. (Come Together - The Beatles)

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