Stree­ti­fy is the largest source of deals, vouch­er codes, coupons and cash­backs in the world. We have 52 deal sites aggregated, with more being added daily. 

Eas­ily cre­ate per­son­al­ized vir­tu­al streets, from your choice of 1.8 Bil­lion beau­ti­ful, mainly branded stores - in a single shop­ping heav­en. See stores in a list view, or ro­tate your mo­bile to see a gor­geous vir­tu­al street or mall, in­clud­ing loc­al weath­er.

Vis­it any street or mall glob­ally, to browse, shop and ac­cess deals. We auto­mat­ic­ally search for deals that you can ac­cess where you are, sav­ing you time, ef­fort and money. 

Use Stree­ti­fy to or­gan­ise all your on­line life. Many of your ex­ist­ing Apps will auto­mat­ic­ally load when you save the same com­pany's web­site. So, you can use Stree­ti­fy for your bank­ing, shop­ping, work, pas­sions and everything on­line. Share your streets with friends via so­cial me­dia.

Stree­ti­fy sup­ports high streets - small busi­nesses can pro­mote them­selves for free. The smal­lest busi­ness has the same size store and win­dow as an in­ter­na­tion­al group out­let or in­ter­net gi­ant. Stree­ti­fy levels the play­ing field and could become instrumental in reinvigorating high streets. 

Unlike ordinary deal sites, Streetify is user-centric not deal-centric. Users are empowered to create their own perfect shopping environment and see most if not all the deals for the stores they choose to browse, instead of receiving emails with deals that are generally of no interest.

Just go to Google Play (Android phones and tablets), AppStore (iPhones or iPads) or to start using the web, the way you want it!

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