A low cost IoT solution addressing perennial retail problems such as on-shelf availability and planogram & promotional compliance to maximize retailers return on space.

WiseShelf design, build and implement IoT innovation at shelf, based on their unique technology, to improve stock availability, replenishment efficiency and planogram accuracy.

Founded in 2016 by experienced entrepreneurs it quickly achieved paying customers in pharmacy and grocery delivering proven benefits of up to 50% reduction in shelf out of stocks and 40% reduction in shelf replenishment times.

WiseShelf provides real-time actions, alerts and analysis at store, regional and head office levels for both retailers and their suppliers, through its cloud-based, SaaS software.

The solution utilizes an array of shelf-based light sensors that can detect 1,000 light levels (rather than the normal “binary” on or off of standard ones) from the ambient light in the store. This means that the WiseShelf, cloud-based, application can tell the difference between shadows, partial coverage, level of transparency and position on shelf.

WiseShelf will also be incorporating shelf cameras as well as ability to deal with stacked items and shelf-ready packing over the coming months.

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David Morgan
07961 351388


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