ZyseMe is solving fashion’s overproduction problem through more inclusive sizing. We believe that ecological and economical sustainability are intrinsically linked, so we’re creating healthier production chains by putting customers first.Using AI to predict body measurements and automating pattern creation to integrate with production, our solution reduces costs and waste.

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Much of that is down to the mass production of standard sizes – from the production of clothes that will never be sold to huge online return rates owing to poor fit. But nobody even likes standard sizing. It’s a compromise accepted for the sake of affordable clothes.

Our intuitive sizing tool empowers customers to get orders made to their unique size and style without taking measurements. We automate laborious pre-production steps so that orders can go straight into production – at scale and on demand. By producing only what’s sold, we’re eradicating the overproduction of standard sizes. That means massive reductions in waste, overstock and the CO2 emissions caused by returns. But also affordable clothes made to fit customers as individuals.

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