Beth Horn

Beth Horn

Beth Horn

Industry Head, Retail & Restaurants, Facebook
United Kingdom

Beth Horn helps to lead the retail & restaurants business for Facebook.  In her time at the company, Beth has overseen client relationships and growth for fashion, luxury, apparel, specialty, department stores, home goods, and home improvement retailers, with the last seven years spent leading the US retail business.  She partners with the largest retailers in the world to help them acquire new customers, increase loyalty, grow ecommerce revenue, drive in store foot traffic and sales, and measure the efficacy and impact of their marketing programs.  

She has spoken on marketing and the future of retail at events including TedXYouth@HotMetalBridge,, SMX Social, Retailology, NextPoint, StorePoint, RetailLoco, CohereOne, Retail Innovation Lounge at SXSW, Lucky Magazine Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Summit (FABB), and the Facebook Retail Executive Summit.  Prior to joining Facebook in 2011, Beth worked in search engine marketing at Efficient Frontier, where she oversaw paid search for Expedia, Microsoft, and Intuit.  She began her career in retail in 2003 with in New York.  A recent transplant to London, Beth is an honors graduate of Stanford University.

We caught up with Beth and asked her the following questions...

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? I have the immense privilege of working alongside colleagues and clients who let me be curious for a living – to ask questions, to dream up the future, and to build together.  They make me smarter every day, and that’s enormously energising.
  • What do you think the next big thing in tech is? Within the world of retail, the evolution of the role of tech in the store is hugely interesting – particularly how technology that achieves consumer wants and needs can bring things to life in a seamless, cohesive way.  We’re closer to the beginning of this story than the middle, and the creativity that is flowering is inspiring to see.  More broadly, I think VR and AR are going to fundamentally change the world – collapse distance, provide opportunity, and let us paint on a new creative canvas.  It’s a very exciting time.
  • Who would your dream dinner party guest be?  I can’t possibly choose just one, so I’ll round out the table with Emma Thompson, Barack Obama, and Bono.

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