James Hammersley

James Hammersley

James Hammersley

CEO of ecommerce consultancy, Good Growth, Good Growth

Title:  Red Queen Syndrome: Why investing in e-commerce may not be paying off

Description:  The Red Queen hypothesis, named after Lewis Carroll’s famous character, states that to gain evolutionary advantage a species has to evolve more rapidly than the speed of evolution of those around them.

So why is this useful in e-commerce?  To out-perform the competition businesses need to think differently about e-commerce and how they can accelerate their evolution.  The most successful brands understand that e-commerce is an integrated system supported by a customer-centric culture and they are investing in building this capability to generate growth.

James Hammersley is CEO of e-commerce consultancy Good Growth and co-author of new book ‘Optimizing Digital Strategy’. Good Growth’s client list includes retailers Boohoo, Pets At Home, Waitrose and Lidl.


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