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During Tech. Festival jisp is showcasing three unique in-store solutions delivering sales, instant payment and compliance.

Our first is a powerful and proven solution, which significantly improves conversions and increases sales by digitising products and experiences to give customers all the benefits of online shopping, but in-store.

For supermarkets and convenience stores we are the first company in the UK to empower the retailer with a seamless shopping experience, where customers can simply “walk-in, shop and go” – unsurprisingly we call it ‘jispGO’.

Finally, our fully compliant and interactive Digital Passport, that provides asset management, tracking and analytics. It’s a Free-Standing Display Unit that reports its position and engages shoppers with information, with the ability to sell its products instantly from the unit.

For a live demo and a detailed review on how jisp delivers previously hidden customer insights to evolve the High Street please visit stand 66.


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