Mall China

Mall China

Founded in 2002 and also standing as one of the founders of Council of Asia Shopping Center (CASC), China Shopping Center Development Association of Mall China has become a representative shopping center platform and cooperation promoter in China, with its exhibition, research, training, think tank and self-media platforms providing services for thousands of enterprise members across borders.

Mall China has more than 1,000 organization members and 3,000 elite members, comprising commercial real estate developers, shopping center operators, investors, brands, consultancy and design service providers and facilities suppliers. Mall China has both an authoritative commercial real estate and retail Think Tank and a professional committee which are oriented to Asia-Pacific and China simultaneously.

Mall China has successfully organized over 300 industry activities, and cooperated with more than 3,000 companies and 15,000 people. Our major products are Annual Conference of Mall China International Symposium, Mall China Retail Channel Summit, Mall China Industry & Commerce & Finance Integration Forum, profession trainings including Mall China ASM certified training, thematic training, corporate training and international class, shopping center study tour, China Shopping Center magazine, Mall China official WeChat with over 60,000 followers and other Mall China media platforms (website and Iridium APP).




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