Pathway CTM

Pathway CTM

  • 2019 University Partners

Pathway CTM are a social enterprise helping students to make their way through the daunting challenge of starting their careers after they leave school or college. We work with students around the country aged between 16 and 18 to offer advice, support and information on getting an apprenticeship. The Pathway Programme features an online portal where students can compare and apply for different apprenticeships, work experience schemes and gap-year schemes. We also work with teachers and careers departments to help them to understand what’s out there and how they can communicate it with their students. The most important part of what we do is student mentorship with a team of dedicated peer-to-peer mentors who offer over the phone advice on how to do the best in the application process. Our mission is to improve the careers understanding of young people in the UK and promote the alternatives to university!


United Kingdom

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