Tech. 100

In an ever-changing economy, and at a time when the competition for the tech talent remains exceptionally tough, there has never been a greater focus on who are the most inspirational people in the tech space that are changing the way retailers think, operate and sell. The new Tech 100 list will celebrate the most inspirational people in technology from across the tech ecosystem- be it digital leaders in retail, at the global technology suppliers, consumer brands, the disruptors or the start-ups. Launched at Tech. this is the definitive list to celebrate those leading the field and shaking up digital transformation with their constant focus on innovation. 

Tech. 100 digital guide 

The Tech 100 will showcase the brightest minds and innovators across the retail technology space. Understand why these people are driving the way and what you can learn from them. Released on the 2nd October 2019.

Tech. 100 Dinner

This is an invitation-only dinner for those on the Tech. 100 and other guests, taking place on 1st October in central London. 

Tech. 100 @ Tech. 

There will be two sessions at Tech. about the Tech. 100:

1.  Day one will feature a session around Leading in a Digital Era. This will be 2-3 of the Tech. 100 list alongside a senior executive from our 5* sponsor. The topic of discussion will be what is needed to lead in a digital world, how do they attract and retain the right talent, what culture do they need to create, and how do they work with the rest of the business?


2.  Day two will feature an analysis session hosted by Retail Week. Senior executives from our 4* and 3* sponsors will discuss the list and why those who topped the list did and what other commerce businesses can learn from their leadership. 

Tech. 100 drinks

During the industry party on the 2nd October at Tech. there will be a designated invite-only zone for the Tech 100. drinks. All of the Tech 100 plus their colleagues will be invited, alongside a select number of those attending Tech. and other Retail Week guests.

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