AI and ML in commerce - Where are We? What's New?


AI and ML in commerce - Where are We? What's New?

02 Oct 2019
Track 4
The Customer Evangelists , The Digital Collaborators

This session will explore how Babylon Health is working with Amazon Web Services to drive operational efficiencies in their business. This session will explore the future of AI in commerce- how can it be used to forecast future inventory levels, what role cloud computing plays, and best practise on how retailers can apply AI to use their data better and refocus on their customers' needs.

Key learnings include:

  • Best practise on how to use AI to forecast future inventory levels
  • A dive into how Babylon Health and AWS are partnering to create an improved customer experience
  • An exploration in the future of AI in commerce and data weaponisation
Phil Thompson, Worldwide Tech Leader - AWS
Umang Patel, Clinical Director - Babylon Health

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