No, it really is all about you.


No, it really is all about you.

03 Oct 2019
Rack & Crown (Powered by Rackspace)
Rack & Crown (Powered by Rackspace) , The Customer Evangelists

Customers want an increasingly personalised experience and are prepared to give up their data so that brands and retailers can deliver this.  It is the brand and/or retailer’s responsibility to ensure that data is secure. Security should be at the heart of any solution – not added as an afterthought.

In an increasingly complex cyber security threat environment and customers shopping online more and more the frequency and sophistication of security attacks has dramatically increased.

Richard will share during this session the impact of security breaches and credential stuffing both fiscal and reputational with illustrative examples that may shock!

Richard Meeus, Security Technology & Strategy Director - Akamai

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