DevOps Exchange 50th Meetup @ Tech.


DevOps Exchange 50th Meetup @ Tech.

02 Oct 2019
Track 4
The Digital Collaborators , The Talent-Seekers

It's The DevOps Exchange's 50th Event and we are delighted that they are hosting it at Tech.

We have some of the hottest Technology companies in the UK at the moment coming to share their DevOps Journeys.

Five.AI, leading the way in the Autonomous Car industry are coming to discuss how DevOps enables them to get from Keyboard to Cars. And Renewal Energy company Bulb are giving us an overview on the Continuous Delivery of Cloud Infrastructure to enable 4million people convert to green energy.

TALK 1 - 6:30pm

Andy Cowley @ FiveAi

Title: From cars to keyboards, DevOps at an Autonomous Vehicles company

Bio: Andy is a veteran sysadmin and infrastructure engineer. He is passionate about automation and bringing together developers, engineers, and the infrastructure which binds them, whether they like it or not.


TALK 2 - 6:50pm

Tom Hipwell @ Bulb

Title: Using Terraform and CircleCI for the continuous delivery of cloud infrastructure.

Bio: Principal Platform Engineer at Bulb, Tom is leading the build out of Bulb’s billing platform, which is key to the firm’s next phase of growth.


TALK 3 - 7:10pm

Paul Markham @ Red Bee Media

Title: Doing some Serverless to keep TV on the air

Synopsis: You're used to turning on your TV and everything always being there, whether on a schedule or on demand. That doesn't happen by itself, an enormous amount of work goes into making sure the increasingly sophisticated world of TV "just works" when you expect it to. Paul will use some of your favourite TV shows to tell the story of how a major UK broadcaster had an esoteric requirement with a short timescale, and how Red Bee deployed an AWS Lambda based platform to give them what they needed.


After the Meetup, there is also a chance for drinks, pizza and a slice of DOXLON cake! Hope to see you all there.
Andy Cowley - FiveAi
Tom Hipwell - Bulb
Paul Markham - Red Bee Media

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