Unlocking The Future of Internet of Things - 5G


Unlocking The Future of Internet of Things - 5G

02 Oct 2019
Track 2
The Store Superheroes , The Final Milers , The Digital Collaborators

This is the year of 5G - and this session is an absolute must-attend for retailers who need to learn about the newest developments in 5G so that they know how to use it and unlock its huge potential in their businesses.

Key learnings include:

  • Overview of 5G technology innovations
  • Learn how 5G can enable real time communications to data centre-based AI systems – and what this means for your businesses
  • Learn how to unlock the opportunities of this real-time communication-including in inventory management and leveraging it to offer an elevated customer experience
Joe Jensen, VP General Manager - Intel
Caroline Chan, Vice President & General Manager - Intel

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