In-home commerce: The Hello Alfred Story


In-home commerce: The Hello Alfred Story

02 Oct 2019
Track 1
The Customer Evangelists , The Digital Collaborators , The Talent-Seekers

Hello Alfred’s unique access to clients’ homes gives them (and newly-forged partners like Perrier and Diageo) a wealth of data on customer tastes and habits, along with and a unique opportunity to expose them to new products. Join this fireside chat for a unique insight into In-Home Commerce, a view into the future.

Key learnings include:

  • A dive into ‘In-Home Commerce’ – a definition and a vision of the future
  • How Hello Alfred is working with CPGs and using big data to launch new business initiatives and revolutionize their customer experience by more accurately anticipating their wants and needs
Lara Lewington, Presenter & Technology Journalist
Marcela Sapone, CEO - Hello Alfred

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