How AI & Robotics Are Changing The Future Of Retail


How AI & Robotics Are Changing The Future Of Retail

03 Oct 2019
Track 2
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Retailers around the world have long suffered from poor visibility into store operations and on-shelf inventory, costing them billions in inefficiencies and lost sales. Recently, advances in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) have shed a light on the state of the shelf to help fix numerous problems including out of stocks, misplaced items, and incorrect prices. In this keynote speech, Red McKay, European Managing Director and Sarjoun Skaff, CTO and Co-founder, will discuss how the collection and analysis of data captured by robots will transform the retail industry.

The duo will explain first-hand how Bossa Nova engineers, manufacture and deploy fully autonomous retail service robots to capture and deliver sophisticated, actionable real-time data. These data points can influence everything from the flow of goods to product replenishment and ultimately, to the customer shopping experience. The talk will go on to explain what we can expect from AI and machine learning. Red and Sarjoun will discuss what this could mean for stores and how the store of tomorrow could look and operate, what does this mean for bricks and mortar stores, what do retailers need to do to prepare for the change and what will they go through as the technology is incorporated?

Audience members will gain an in-depth insight into this bleeding-edge technology and how it is leading the way in providing real-time, on-shelf inventory data for the global retail industry and now the UK and Europe. The speech promises to be interesting, engaging and should paint a new picture regarding the future of retail.

Takeaways include:

  • Dive into the how robotics can drive efficiency in the supply chain
  • Learn about the future workforce in a world where robots are creating the need for new types of roles within commerce
  • Insight into the research and development of the Bossa Nova robots
Sarjoun Skaff, CTO - Bossa Nova Robotics
Red McKay, European MD - Bossa Nova Robotics

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