The future of brand and retailer relationships


The future of brand and retailer relationships

02 Oct 2019
Track 4
The Digital Collaborators

With Amazon launching automated marketing solutions and pure players rethinking the traditional commercial terms, brand and retailers need to work differently to drive growth and more personalised end to end experiences. They often have opposing views, but it is a common challenge that brands are asking us to help with.

Key takeaways:

  • An exploration into the opportunities for brands and retailers to work better together and drive category growth (ie. More qualified visits from brands to
  • Personalised experiences require inputs from both sides and different organisations than what brands and retailers have today (ie. Amazon, Trade / Shopper, Marketing silos) – insights into how to drive transparency in partnerships
  • Data driven decisions and experiences are the future (ie. 2nd party data agreements, automated on site media) - how to get there and what are the learnings and insights from those who are already doing it
Cassandra Stevens, Global Commerce Director - Zenith
Madeleine Melin, E-Commerce Marketing Manager, Europe - Electrolux Europe
Louisa Nicholls, Senior Manager, Trade Marketing & Digital Trading - John Lewis
Karina Pyne, Marketing Acceleration Director - GSK (UK)

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