Journey to Automated Machine Learning at 84.51°/Kroger


Journey to Automated Machine Learning at 84.51°/Kroger

03 Oct 2019
Main Stage
The Customer Evangelists , The Digital Collaborators , The Talent-Seekers

84.51° is the consumer insights subsidiary (200+ data scientists) of The Kroger Co, the world’s second largest grocer. Much of their value involves predictive and prescriptive modeling using machine learning. They use automated machine learning for many of our use cases. This keynote will highlight important steps on their journey. 

Key takeaways:

  • Automation in data science is here – learnings and insights into the 84.51°/Kroger journey
  • Insights into how and why automation enables limited democratization
  • Learnings around how adapting people, processes, and culture will determine winners
Scott Crawford, Head of Enable the Science - 84.51/Kroger

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