Meet up: The Store Superheroes


Meet up: The Store Superheroes

02 Oct 2019
The Store Superheroes , Workshop

Join this meet-up to network and hack the future of your business with like-minded tribespeople with similar interests and business objectives as you.

Discussion groups will break off and talk about some of the most important issues impacting your tribe – the things keeping you awake at night, such as:

  • How can technology and data be used to inform overall store strategy- from location of store right through to how to merchandise and which assortments to carry?
  • How can technology be used in-store to collect data on customer desires and draw insights?
  • How can technology be used to remove friction from processes and enhance the overall customer experience?
  • Where should retailers be placing their bets when it comes to using technology to create experiential spaces


Host to be shortly announced

Yael Kochman, Partner & CEO - Re:Tech

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