The future of technology weaponization in branding


The future of technology weaponization in branding

03 Oct 2019
Track 1
The Customer Evangelists , The Digital Collaborators

As the marketing landscape continues to shift from big budget TV to high volume digital, the complexity of the ecosystem is getting exponentially more and more complicated. Many companies have hundreds of teams in hundreds of markets working on hundreds of thousands of assets on dozens of platforms in tandem with hundreds and sometimes thousands of agencies. Just like that sentence, it’s complicated! With this complexity, brand consistency and safety have diminished which can no longer be ignored. Studies have shown that brand consistency leads to an average of 23% increase in revenue. This session will focus on practical ways to reverse the effects of this complexity and impart you with simple, out of the box strategies that can help you begin to unify your brand excellence efforts and increase your roi.

Key takeaways:

  • Why and how organizations are completely abandoning text in their branding efforts, what they are doing instead and how organisations will weaponize technology in their branding going forward  
  • Statistics reflecting the impact that brand consistency and creative compliance have on media spend
  • Some out of the box strategies that companies can use to make sure they're not putting significant spend behind non-compliant assets.
Anastasia Leng, CEO - Picasso Labs
Nandus Du Plessis, Director at ABI and Global Head of Content Excellence - ABI
Ted Harrison, Head of Content Optimisation - Twitter
Catriona Ferriss, Global HC CMI Director - Unilever

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