adDRESS the future – in digital clothing


adDRESS the future – in digital clothing

03 Oct 2019
Track 2
The Customer Evangelists

This is not a session to miss!

Mobile games such as Fortnite have already proved that customers are willing to spend money on digital assets. Glu Mobile’s Covet Fashion game generated $53.4 million in sales last year. Scandinavian retailer Carlings created its first digital clothing collection, where digital tailors manipulated customer photos so it appeared that they were dressed in the apparel, which cost up to €30 per piece. And they completely sold out of it. While there are obvious opportunities for fashion brands, not to mention the huge sustainability benefits in an industry that is demonised for its unsustainable practices; there are also significant barriers to entry. These challenges typically centre around fashion retailers lacking the right skill sets and technologies: designers are traditionally unschooled in 3D modelling, sample patterns are not easily converted to 3D models and automated technologies are nascent. Ronny Mikalsen, Carlings’ CEO, will discuss how his team managed to create this, providing the audience with insights and learnings and where he thinks digital clothing is going. 

Key learnings include:

  • A journey into what digital clothing is- the opportunities and challenges
  • Learnings from Carlings’ processes – what it took to create a digital collection and insights into their journey
  • A look to the future- will this spark a whole new mainstream way that consumers will wish to consume fashion? If so, what do other retailers need to know to be able to meet these demands? How can they overcome the challenges, so they too can seize the obvious opportunities? 
Ronny Mikalsen, CEO - Carlings

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