Why it pays to be green - and how tech is the key to unlocking it


Why it pays to be green - and how tech is the key to unlocking it

03 Oct 2019
Track 3
The Final Milers , The Customer Evangelists , The Digital Collaborators

There's a long road ahead of the commerce industry when it comes to sustainability. But it’s becoming clearer every day that for any brand or retailer to remain relevant, sustainability needs to become a core component of its strategy. What’s also clear is that for retailers and brands alike, sustainability requires good tech. Join this session as we hear from a panel of leaders from retail and beyond, to find out about the technologies driving their businesses and making sustainability happen.

Takeaways include:

  • An exploration into how technology is driving sustainability and transparency in businesses
  • Hear why having sustainability and transparency embedded in retailers’ strategies is necessary, not ‘nice to have’
Andrew Vorster, Innovation Catalyst
May Al-Karooni, CEO - Globechain
Nina Shariati, Transparency & Innovation Business Expert - H&M
Elsa Bernadotte, Co-Founder and COO - Karma
Felix Winckler, CCO, Co-founder - reflaunt.com

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