The Future Of Direct To Consumer (DTC): Digital Storytelling


The Future Of Direct To Consumer (DTC): Digital Storytelling

03 Oct 2019
Track 4
The Customer Evangelists

Companies are increasingly using digital technologies to tell stories about their brands, unlocking new opportunities in engaging and retaining present and future customers. Direct to consumer brands are masters in this. Why? Successfully entering large markets as a newcomer requires establishing a high degree of mindshare very quickly. It means going for “shock and awe” storytelling over a more subtle, slow growth strategy. Join this panel of leaders from 3 DTC brands to hear how they got their names out early and started building up a reputation with both their early adopters and their potential future customers, and what the future of this looks like.

Key learnings include:

  • Learn how DTC brands are using technology to create meaningful experiences for their customers
  • Learn why storytelling is the key to building lasting relationships with customers online – and how to do this to engage and retain customers
Melissa Chapman, Chief Content Officer - Jungle Creations
Franky Athill , Head of Marketing - Patch
Jonathan Petrides, Founder - All Plants
Ted Charalambides, Head of Commerce - Pact

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