Reasons to Attend

The most important 48 hours in commerce technology

The digital revolution has ushered in the most challenging era in the history of commerce. Technology has destroyed business models that have been the bedrock of the sector for decades. But it has also unlocked new opportunities at an unprecedented pace for those with the agility to seize them. 

We are entering a period where we will define what it is to be successful in retail for a generation. Digital and technology have broken down the barriers to entry and more brands are going direct to consumer, redefining the retail landscape. Retailers must quickly become channel-agnostic and focus on how to create meaningful relationships with customers while building the digital infrastructure to support this.

New retail ecosystems are being formed, and strategic partnerships and alliances are being announced almost daily, demonstrating the commerce industry‚Äôs need to become ever more digitally savvy. Data is the new retail currency, and better understanding your customer, not only on your platform, but across other touchpoints will be the difference between success and failure. 

Tech., the most important two-day festival of digital commerce and the technology driving it, will put this (and more!) under the spotlight by delivering a jam-packed programme crafted with our amazingly talented and super smart group of industry experts

See what some of our attendees have to say..

Paul Clarke - Chief Technology Officer - Ocado - "Tech. brings everything together, including AI & Machine Learning, the last mile, and understanding consumer behaviour across digital and physical touchpoints."

Karen McCormick - Chief Investment Officer - Beringea - "Tech. gets stronger and stronger every year. One of the big benefits of Tech. is that it brings together retailers to talk about issues, and also brings in businesses from other industries to apply their learnings to the industry."

Madeleine Melson - Chief Customer Officer - Amara - " Tech. is a great event and it's very aligned with tech companies and their tech teams. It's a brilliant place to meet partners and start great conversations. 


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